ESSE 500 wood stove


The perfect companion to your larger electric stove, or perfect as its own unit, the ESSE 500 wood stove is designed for the kitchen wanting a bit of extra flair. Handmade in Lancashire, United Kingdom, with over 150 years of experience, ESSE brings that experience down to bear on the 500 wood stove.

The top of the 500 wood stove is a proper cooktop, meaning you can sear a steak, boil a kettle or cook with frying pan directly on top with ease. The firebox below is stunning. Fully vermiculite to keep it nice and warm, and when you want to let some heat into your room, open the enamel coated, cast-iron door and let the heat radiate from the glass firebox door. Directly below the firebox is a large 32L oven. This may look small, but it can easily take one of the large ESSE baking trays, ideal for cooking the largest of roasts. And with the optional hot water jacket, the ESSE 500 wood stove can also be used to supply your hot water, perfect for off-grid living.

What makes the ESSE Enamel Cookers stand out is the colour options. With 20 enamel colours, plus a matte black option, to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And cleaning your ESSE 500 wood stove is simple, with an access hatch in most available flues, so you can access the flue without issue. Where the ESSE 500 wood stove really shines is as a companion to an electric ESSE. With this, you get the best of both electric and wood cooking without compromising either way. You can also attach a rangehood above the two cookers, ensuring smoke-free cooking every time!

If you want to make your ESSE 500 wood stove even better, you simply can’t go past Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit for ESSE cookers. With an access door and a brilliant charcoal or black finish, this flue seals at the ceiling line, ensuring you don’t lose any air from your room or any heat from your stove.

With its multipurpose cooktop, fantastic oven, and gorgeous enamel façade, the ESSE 500 wood stove is one impressive wood stove, perfect for use as a companion piece, or have it standalone as its own, stunning unit.