ESSE 990 Hybrid


Modern electrical cooking meets traditional wood burning in the ESSE Hybrid. Made in the United Kingdom by ESSE’s Master Stove Makers, the ESSE Hybrid features all wood on the left-hand side, and all electric on the right-hand side. This dual functionality makes it the perfect candidate for those looking for the best of both worlds.

The ESSE Hybrid has a full firebox, meaning you can cook directly inside the firebox with a barbeque tray, perfect for flame grilling some sausages or steaks. Below the firebox is a wood heated oven, evenly heated with ESSE’s surround heat. On the right-hand side, you also get two brilliant electric ovens, with the same surround heat technology, perfect for baking. These ovens, as well as the hotplate, are controlled by the easy-to-use controls. These are separate from the unit, allowing you to wall mount them, place them on a bench or even hide them in a cupboard.

The hotplate of the ESSE Hybrid is where the ESSE truly shines. With the left side wood, and the right side electric, you can use one, or both, depending on your needs. And it’s not just the hotplate that heats up, but the entire hob, meaning the entire top of your stove can be your cooking surface. And with the enamel bolster covers, you can cook on the hotplate and char-steam your veggies, the perfect way to bring out the flavours of your food. You can also add an optional hot water jacket to the back of your stove, allowing you to use your ESSE Hybrid to heat the water for your home.

When it comes to ESSE cookers, what really catches your eye is the beautiful enamel coating, which comes in 20 stunning colours. You can also purchase it in a painted matte black finish. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to the look of your ESSSE Hybrid. The look of your cooker can be further enhanced by the ESSE Rangehood, which uses the flue of your ESSE Hybrid to aid in its suction, meaning a smoke-free cooking experience. And when it comes to the flue, you can upgrade to Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit. With either black or charcoal flue, you get an access door, perfect for cleaning your flue, and the flue is sealed to the room, saving you 8% of heat loss over traditional air-cooled flues.

With the charm and experience of the wood and the convenience and flexibility of the electric, the ESSE Hybrid does it all! Perfect for the ultimate chef who needs a few pots, pans and ovens going at once, the Hybrid can do it all, and then some, without issue.

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